The Liebster Award

So my wonderful friend Emily nominated me for this award despite the fact that I hardly ever blog because I’m a lazy POS.  However, I can never turn down a questionnaire and so, here it goes:

1. If you could have tea with any one person from history who would it be?

Wow, what an excellent question.  I am a huge fan of tea time and whoever it is would have to know how to hold a killer conversation.  I think that honestly, the best person in history I could have tea with is still alive right now, one of my personal heroes: the Notorious RGB.  Ginsburg is one of only four female supreme court justices and has been serving since 1993.  She probably has better stories about the inner circle than anyone.  She is still rocking it and I think having tea with her would be a surreal experience full of intelligent political discourse and some serious girl talk.

2. Who is your favorite pop culture vampire?

Em, it’s like you’re reading my mind.  Normally this question would be really easy.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but i think I may have to switch it up and say that Eve (aka Tilda Swinton) from Only Lovers Left Alive is my favorite pop culture vampire.  She is so badass and yet endlessly humble for a vampire. She’s been alive for centuries and lives in a house that basically doubles as an antique library.  Her biggest dilemma when she goes to visit her lover (aka Tom fucking Hiddleston) is deciding what books shes going to bring with her.  She is a queen among humans and I adore her.

3. What was the first chapter book you remember reading?

For always and forever, the one I remember reading first was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.  I read that book so many times the pages started to fall out. It was about an amazing young girl who survives on her own with only the dolphins for company after she looses her brother – and it was based on a true story.   What was there not to love?

4. What’s up next in your Netflix Queue? 

I think my next movie is Flame and Cintron, which is a Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen.  I’m normally not one for a movie about Nazis, but if it’s about their infiltration and destruction – I’m all about that.  I have recently taken a Scandinavian TV and film class and Danish cinema has really captured my attention and my praise, so I’m looking forward to seeing this film (most likely by myself, which is cool).

5. What is your favorite word?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions you could ask me.  I think I’ve always really like the word quell.  It’s short and sweet, but it packs a punch.  Quell your fears before they consume you.  It just sounds so dramatic that you want to use it every day.

6. Which member of the Scooby Gang is your favorite?

Since I assume you mean the only true Scooby gang – I would have to absolutely say my favorite wicca-who-won’ta: WILLOW. Until the end of time, Willow will be my girl.  She was one of the first lesbian main characters on a TV series and she also went through the biggest transformation in the Whedonverse (aside from maybe Wesley) and I will love her until the end of time, broken yellow crayons and all.  (If you meant the original Scooby gang – Velma, obviously.)

7. What is your favorite, ‘so bad it’s good’ movie to watch?

There are quite a few.  I LOVE Not Another Teen Movie and most people would consider that shit, but I think it’s brilliantly stupid.  My sister and I love Step Up 2 and I don’t care who sees cause that move has some bomb ass dances scenes and I love how cliche the whole thing is.  And most importantly, there is not a single person on earth who could convince me that EuroTrip is not the greatest comedy ever made.  This is definitely where I parked my car.

8. What music album changed the way you listen to music the most?

When I was younger I didn’t really listen to full albums. I was a big fan (still am) of just random songs I find in movies and TV and personal experiences.  However, if I had to choose one album that I could not stop listening to throughout my entire childhood that would Waiting for My Rocket to Come by Jason Mraz. He is an incredibly talented songwriter and artist and I still adore him to this day.  That album has still not grown old on me after all these years (I have the scratched CD to prove it).  The album made me realize that not only could music be intelligent and masterful, but fun and cheeky.  He infused so much sarcasm and wit into his lyrics that I immediately fell hard for the opera-singing, scat-master that is Jason Mraz.

9. What house do you think you would be sorted into at Hogwarts?

Ok, so I’ve given this a great deal of thought. Personally, I think I would get sorted into Ravenclaw, if my younger self told me anything.  However, if I got to choose my own house, I would definitely pick Hufflepuff. They seem like the chillest house; they have a nice mix of all different types of people and they seem like they would be focused on being the best and most humble wizard you could be.  Also, did I mention that they live near the kitchens?  What more could a girl want?

10. What is your favorite Broadway musical?

I’ve seen a nice handful of Broadway musicals, but the soundtrack I could listen to on repeat forever is Wicked.  I was so wide-eyed seeing that show; I didn’t want to miss anything.  I was crying by the end of Defying Gravity and could not wait until the intermission was over so it could start again.  I got to see it with Carol Kane and Ben Vereen and it was truly one of my most memorable moments in the theatre.  There are so many other amazing Broadway shows but that experience really stuck with me.

11. Which celebrity death will you never really get over?

Without question, Heath Ledger.  I still think about him sometimes and feel a wave of sadness rush over me.  He was easily the most spectacular actor of our generation.  His performance as the Joker was only a warm up; he was just getting started.  I followed his career from teenage heartthrob to Oscar nominated actor with glee.  Everything I saw him in only made me love him even more.  I will never forget the moment I found out about his death.  I was a junior in high school and we were running the dress rehearsal for our dance performance.  My friend came up to me and just handed me her phone where I proceeded to read the story about what happened.  I sank to the floor because my legs could not hold me up.  I cried in that hallway for what felt like forever.  He will forever live on in his fans memory because he truly left a legacy some actors could only dream of accomplishing and for that he will be truly missed.

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And on to my questions for you lovely people:

  1. If you could choose your death, how would you go and who would be with you?
  2. Where would you travel to if you could go anywhere in the universe?
  3. What song/album are you obsessed with right now?
  4. Is there any film that you think was better than it’s source material?
  5. What language would you love to learn that you don’t already know?
  6. What is your opinion on children?
  7. What drug would you try once if there were no bad side effects, i.e. getting addicted to said drug?
  8. Has there been anyone significant in your life who inspired you to think about a certain topic with a new perspective?
  9. What series do you want to bingewatch next?
  10. What is your favorite insult/curse word?
  11. And finally, the most important question: How badly do you want Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar?