The Truth About Moving Somewhere New By Yourself

This is something I really needed right now.

Thought Catalog

Oriol SalvadorOriol Salvador

Everyone’s ecstatic for you- a little sad, but mostly proud of you for taking that big leap and venturing to a new place that you will soon call home. They toast to your upcoming adventures and promise to stay in touch- “it will be as if you had never left!”

However, you are the one who is itching the most to embark upon this journey. Why else would you uproot your entire life to move countless miles away?


You are more than ready. Sad? -nah. Nostalgic? -a little. But you know you need this transition, even if you can’t put it into a concise and logical answer when people ask you why you are moving. You just know that you need to experience of a new way of living- in a new environment, surrounded by new people, immersed in new cultures, and exposed to new ideas and…

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