There’s No Such Thing As Monsters

Clash Cultures

the_monster-2016-screen2The Monster, a small intricate movie now available for streaming on Amazon Prime, is a simple horror story revolving around a tortured mother/daughter relationship. Kazan stars as Kathy, an abusive and alcoholic young mother to shy and frightened Lizzy, played excellently by Ella Ballentine. A long road trip to take Lizzy to her father’s house leads the pair down a largely abandoned and unfamiliar road during the middle of a thunderstorm at night. A wolf runs into their path and they crash, sending the car spinning out of control and stranding them in the dark waiting for a tow truck and ambulance to arrive. After assessing the damage, they go out to check on the wolf but upon closer examination of the animal they notice it has more wounds than sustained from their car and a giant tooth is imbedded in its back. Then, the wolf disappears from the…

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